Essay on Sharon Olds : An American Poet

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Sharon Olds is an American poet that is known for expressing herself through her literary works. Like most famous poets, she incorporates real life connections into her poems. “Olds is known for writing intensely personal, emotionally scathing poetry” (Sharon Olds). She is known for winning respected awards such as the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize (Sharon Olds). Readers have the opportunity to learn about her and her award winning works. The characters in her poems represented ideas and experiences from her life time. Sharon Old’s unique personal experience is reflected through her literary works (Sharon Olds). She wrote about her experience in fictional form and it was influenced by possible themes in her life. It is possible that she incorporated these themes into her poems: First Thanksgiving, Still Life in Landscape, and After Making Love in Winter. The poem, First Thanksgiving, was about a mother’s relationship with her daughter. A young girl returned from college and her mother was delighted to be in her presence, once again (First Thanksgiving). The mother spoke about the way she used to nurture her daughter, nostalgically. “Those nights, I fed her to sleep, week after week, the moon rising, and setting” (First Thanksgiving). Reminded that her daughter had grown up, the mother had to accept it and allow her to grow. The poem, Still Life in Landscape, was about a family that came across a car accident. At the scene, a woman was on the…

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