Essay on Shakespeare 's Modifications Of Hecatommithi

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Shakespeare’s Modifications of Hecatommithi
Shakespeare, Othello is the remake of the Cinthio’s tale Hecatommithi in 1603. Shakespeare keeps many of the Cinthio’s tales, but a few changes to make the tragedy appealing to his audience. Othello themes are similar to the original of jealousy, love, honor and race. Shakespeare alteration to create Othello is to show the social problems that were a face in the Victorian age.
Shakespeare expands different themes in Cinthio’s tales; he creates complex character and the problems with interracial marriage. Shakespeare form of writing created a short tale to a wider appeal and makes the character relatable to anyone. Both works have their similarities and differences, but the key difference is what draws the reader to Othello. Shakespeare changes the name of the character solidifying their personal role in the tragedy and makes a smoother transition compare to Cinthio. The addition of Roderigo, war and subtraction of Iago’s motivate and Disdemona doubt creates Shakespeare’s Othello story line. In Hecatommith, Ensign, who is Iago in Othello his intention are to get revenge against Disdemona as he lusts for her and she did not respond to his advances. Ensign in his plot against Disdemona he uses the moor to achieve his goal. While in Othello, Iago has no clear intention, he makes excuses to justify him hate crime against Othello. Iago uses Desdemona as a device to plot against Othello and make him see her as an unfaithful wife. Iago…

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