Essay on Shakespeare 's Macbeth - Use Of Light And Darkness

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Being King may seem like pure bliss, but when Scotland gets in the hands of an unruly and so-called tyrant things take a tragic turn. Macbeth is a tragedy play set in Scotland and written in 1606 by distinguished playwright, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. Shakespeare 's famous play, Macbeth contains a wide variety of theatrical and literary devices to enrapture his readers and develop the plot of this enticing story. In this essay one will look at how shakespeare uses imagery, soliloquies, and symbolism in Macbeth.

Imagery visually describes many of the key ideas in Macbeth. Firstly Shakespeare uses the imagery of light and darkness to display the good and the bad in the characters and the plot. In the first act, the example of nighttime is used when something ghastly is taking place. For example, Lady Macbeth asks "thick night" to come with the "smoke of hell," so her knife won 't see the wound it makes in the peacefully sleeping King (1.5.57-58). The literal darkness coincides to the evil or "dark" act she plans to commit. Furthermore, the imagery of nature-like pathetic fallacy, is continuously being used throughout Macbeth. After King Duncan is murdered by Macbeth, the audience learns from Old Man and Ross that odd and "unnatural" things have been happening. For instance an owl is seen killing a falcon, while King Duncan’s horses are going wild and eating each other. This can be a direct relation to the…

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