Sexuality During The Weimar Republic Essay example

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The Weimar Republic was a period of cultural creativity amongst the environment of hyper-inflation and depression, but Berlin drew the talent and energies of the rest of Germany towards its enticing cabaret performances and sex tourism. This cultural creativity included a newly liberated female population in which films began to present their female characters in sexual ways. The whole period of the Weimar Republic was a time of sexual liberation. My research question for my paper is, how did sexuality during the Weimar Republic effect women? To answer this question I will discuss gender roles, the new women era, cinema, and night life which were aspects that had a huge influence on women at the time. I will lastly discuss the controversy with sexual corruption and women’s rights.
Women in German society always followed a represented the traditional gender role of being a good housewife. The women’s role was to be mothers for the German nation, happily caring for her children and husband. During the Weimar period the traditional gender role was more relaxed, more women were seen working jobs that men particularly worked. “Over the whole period of the Weimar Republic there was a steady decline of women employed in the domestic service, agriculture, and forestry, and increase in trade and industry, and a very strong trend towards white-collar professions.” (Berghaus, 193). This was the first sign of women gaining the role of independence. Women getting a chance to vote due to…

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