Sexuality And The Aging Population Essay

2569 Words Oct 21st, 2016 11 Pages
In a society where vitality, strength and stamina are emphasized and often associated with sexuality, the aging population might feel alienated. It’s not uncommon for the younger individuals to visualize older adults as being sexually inactive and finding it distasteful if the opposite is argued. Said perspective might be encouraged by the media, which depicts sex as something of the young. With the current advances in medicine, the number of elders is increasing and even though their body is not as efficient as it is in its youth, older adults don’t lose its libido and interest in sexuality. Interestingly enough sexual desire doesn’t seem to decrease with age, so it begs to ask the question why the reluctant attitude against the association of elderly and sex. Sexual images and references are plentiful in our present society, yet honest and objective discussions about it are short in supply, specifically for elders. Ageism coupled with the many false expectations surrounding sexuality might contribute to the prejudicial attitudes towards the sexuality of older people. The present research takes said assumptions into consideration and aims to explore the existence of negative perceptions on the sexuality of the aging, if this construct varies between different age groups and if it is highly influenced by the portrayal of this topic in the media. The awareness that their sexuality might be frowned upon may force older adults into silence, causing them to feel lesser and…

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