Sexual Violence During The United States Essay

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Sexual violence in the United States is considered a public health issues that victimizes both, males and females at some point during their life (Breiding, 2014). Although both genders are a risk approximately 19.3% of females report sexual violations compared to 1.7% in males victims (Breiding, 2014), female victims are believed to express more traumatic consequences (Breiding, 2014). Sexual violence has been defined in the past to include a variety of sexual offenses or behaviors. Breiding (2014) describes sexual violence in regards to sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, and non-unwanted sexual experiences. Sexual violence can also present as forced or incapacitated rape (Brown, Testa, and Messmen-Moore, 2009). In order to understand the significance of the issue lets review the prevalence of sexual assaults in the United States. In the United States approximately one in every five woman will be sexually violated during her lifetime (Basile, Smith, Breiding, Black, & Mahendra, 2014), but yet, standard methods of screening have not been implemented in many primary care facilities. The purpose of this study is to identify and address sexual assaults of all women, not just victims of intimate partner violence. Problem Background
Sexual assaults in the United States (U.S.) can be a sensitive subject for victims, as well healthcare providers (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, 2007). Identifying women of sexual abuse…

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