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Sexual Revolution Evolution Intimacy is not free in the modern world. Political change, social change, systems of oppression, and globalization all contribute to the shape and to the limit of people’s intimate lives. The oppressive regulation of marriage and sexuality by states and cultures can really affect intimacy and incite sexual revolutions.
In feminist studies Professor Leila Rupp’s lecture, Tickell and Peck were cited as defining globalization as a notion based on an increasingly borderless market, where market rules and competitive logics predominate. In another lecture, Rupp stated that sexual revolutions are linked to and caused by: globalization, economic forces, technology and culture. Rupp expresses that many changes in
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The show Sister Wives portrays a polygamous marriage influenced by Mormonism values. Unlike many portrayals of polygamy such as it being: fanatical, a result of brain-washing, children marrying older men, etc., the family in Sister Wives contradicts the stereotype. Unlike the derogatory interpretation of polygamy, the four women on the show Sister Wives are happy and express free-will. Their children also have free choice in deciding whether or not they want to live the polygamous, independent fundamentalist Mormon, lifestyle that their parents live. The wives have all experienced cultural and political policing in the workplace, in society, and in the state of Utah. The wives experience multiple hardships by expressing their beliefs and expressing their intimacy. In a society where people supposedly have the freedom of religion and belief, the polygamist family on the show Sister Wives clearly reports otherwise. Despite all the posing hardship against them, the Sister Wives express agency and resistance to political legislation and cultural disproval, and continue to live the way they believe is right.
Fortunately for intimacy that is marginalized, Freudian sexual liberation is no longer a distant dream. Cultural ideologies have apparently shifted away from traditional limitations. The hook-up culture according to Rupp’s statistics proves that men and women are becoming more and more sexually liberated. From the years

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