Sexual Orientation Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… One case study done about this topic gathered that “the homosexual desire seems in most cases to be implanted in those who develop an unusually strong attachment for one parent” (Cory 1951:67). This seems to suggest that homosexuality can be influenced by family structure or other sociological elements. On the other side of this argument, there is the belief that people are born either gay or straight. Even though there is no scientific or genetic evidence to prove this, there have been many studies done and most homosexuals interviewed take this view-point. McIntosh states, “[homosexuality] is still commonly seen as a condition characterizing certain persons in the way that birthplace or deformity might characterize them” (1968:182). To support their cause and to fight for acceptance in society, it would be beneficial to convince people that sexual orientation is biologically determined. “Research indicates that people who believe that homosexuality is a choice are more likely to condemn it than are those who believe gays and lesbians are born that way” (Loftus …show more content…
One of the most documented cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation is in the military. Apart from people thinking they are just unfit for the position, “their very beings are considered so outrageous, that it would create chaotic conditions and unnecessary conflict if they were to be hired” (Cory 1963:140). This discrimination based on sexual orientation was noted especially in the United States, since that was the only country that required heterosexuality to join the armed forces during WWII (Cory 1963:142). Now, many decades later, this requirement has been formally eliminated, but de facto discrimination is still prevalent. That is, instead of there being an outright law prohibiting homosexuality in the military, now it is an unspoken understanding people are supposed to …show more content…
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