Sexual Harassment And Sexual Behavior Essay

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Sexual harassment is a sexual behavior that is considered “unwelcome,” by the person or individuals the behavior is acted on. Unwelcome behavior does not mean the behavior is involuntary, which means the victim might participate in the behavior even if they do not want to. This sexual behavior may be physical, verbal, or non-verbal. Usually, this type of behavior occurs when there is a power dynamic, where the victim must consent in order to maintain their safety, job, or status. The women who were in the documentary sometimes had to consent to certain behavior or not report it because they were scared of the consequences if they did. These women were immigrants, often illegal immigrants, who felt powerless to their supervisors or ill-informed about the laws that can protect them. They feel if they do not consent or if they report the sexual acts against them, their safety and their family’s safety will be at risk.
2. Discuss the ways in which power/powerlessness comes into play in the situation of women farmworkers who are undocumented immigrants. (Here, you can talk about the power of the farm owners relative to the workers.) Along with the issue of relative power between the farmworkers and farm owners comes the idea of vulnerability of farmworkers. How is this illustrated in the documentary? Finally, who can women who work in the farms turn to for help in dealing with their work conditions, including sexual violence? What pushes them -- or holds them back -- from turning…

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