Sexual Education Is Essential For Before Adulthood Essay

777 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Sexual education is important infomation that must be taught to kids. Teaching our youth about Sex Ed through preventative programs in school is essential of before adulthood. The debate over when sexual education has always been debated. The debate about when to teach your child is where the debate always begins. It is essential that children begin learning about o sexual education in primary school; this is so they are begin to conceptualize and understand the biological and physical differences of male and female. First and foremost, the age at which sex education should begin is the age of 5. This is the best time to start teaching kids what the important things are about sex. Teaching sexual education is really hard when it comes to parents. A considerable amount of parents are afraid of teaching their children about sex. The reason why teaching at a young age is important is because this is when children begin to question their differences. As stated from an article in the New York Times by Stephanie A. Whyte; she states that schools should start sex Education in Kindergarten (Whyte). This is an excellent time to start teaching about Sex Ed. This place in time is when kids will start to question why their body looks different than everyone else’s. At this State, it is important to teach the basics of sex Ed. An educator in sex should start with the basics. Educators should teach personal safety, physical and biological differences. There are six basic lessons that…

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