Sexual Assault Is A Serious Crime Essay

1104 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
Sexual assault is a serious crime that is extremely consequential in the United States, especially within the U.S. Armed Forces. Although sexual assault is a serious crime in and out of the military, the military seems to look over the issue. According to an article by Jennifer Koons, the Pentagon has stated, approximately 3,000 service members reported being sexually assaulted in 2012. While that number is somewhat large, a confidential Department of Defense survey suggests an even bigger number closer to 26,000 (14,000 were men), 8 times more than reported by the Pentagon. Although some reports are filed, this situation identifies that instead of conducting thorough investigations, they simply did not care. Unlike civilians who commit sexual crimes against another, members of the military have a separate code of conduct, legal system, police, and court. Members of the military are tried through the court-martial process, which is regulated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, whereas, civilian sexual assault is mandated by the Criminal Justice System (Thomson Reuters, 2016). In order to grasp a better understanding of what military sexual assault is, sexual assault must be defined. According to Article 120 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the law states that sexual assault occurs when someone commits a sexual act against another person by “threatening or inflicting fear; causing bodily harm; using false pretense that the sexual act serves as a professional…

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