Sexual Assault And The American Dream Essay

883 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
I would like to say that sexual assaults are a substantially real catastrophe that occurs all over the country with 35% of cases going unreported. According to the FBI, 8% of sexual assault cases were found to be faulty. ( With that being said, take a glance at the numbers, eight out of 100 men who are accused of sexual assault did, in fact, not commit the accusation that was presented in front of them. That is a frightening idea to think about, that perhaps eight men were wrongfully imprisoned or punished for crimes that they did are not responsible for.
It is the year 2016, and as the nation known as the land of the free and the country where dreams become realities. The United States is home to the American Dream, the concept that everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve whatever they see fit to their likings. On the contrary, history has shown that in a court of law on the matter of sexual assault, rulings tend to go in favor of the woman defendant. Again, I want to reiterate this is not some misogynistic tirade against women and how men are perfect and they could do no harm. This piece is instead to inform those reading this that not every man that is accused of sexual assault are guilty. It is only fair to receive due process, and to masquerade a man for the accusations brought about him before factual evidence is provided is grotesque. More often than not, men are painted as rapists or guilty immediately…

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