Sexual Assault And Depressive Symptoms At College Students : Do Psychological Needs Account For The Relationship?

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‘Sexual Assault and Depressive Symptoms in College Students: Do Psychological Needs Account for the Relationship?’ focuses on the correlation between fulfillment of basic psychological needs and how it affects the levels of depression of sexual assault victims in college students. Many studies in the past have found that the reason for higher depressive symptoms in college students was often connected to students with low satisfaction of their basic psychological needs, such as competence, autonomy, and relatedness (Chang, et al., 2015). With this previous information in mind Edward Chang, et al., wanted to figure out how basic psychological needs play a role in connection with depression of sexual assault victims. They hypothesized that low satisfaction of psychological needs, especially low satisfaction of relatedness, was the key factor of depression in College students who have experienced sexual assault.
To put this hypothesis to test, they surveyed 342 college students, aged 18 to 58, of which 230 were female and 112 were male. The participants ranged from freshman to senior and were of varying ethnic backgrounds. However, the majority were white and in their freshman year. For their study, the researchers had to measure the levels of depression of the students in correlation with sexual assault. However, prior to doing so, the participants were informed of the study and assured the surveys would be kept confidential.
By using the assessment scale from the National…

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