Essay about Sexual Abuse And Sexual Behavior

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The nexus between adult women who take part in risky sexual behaviors and the evidence of maltreatment in their adolescence is evident in several research studies conducted over time. Such findings all suggest a similar trend in women who were sexually abused as children which is: female victims of childhood maltreatment are more inclined to participate in acts of risky sexual behavior (RSB) later on in life. The four studies I have reviewed for comparison and contrast are, “Child Abuse, Early Maladaptive Schemas, and Risky Sexual Behavior in College Women,” “Child Sexual Abuse and Women’s Sexual Health: The Contribution of CSA Severity and Exposure to Multiple Forms of Childhood Victimization,” “Pathway From Child Sexual and Physical Abuse to Risky Sex Among Emerging Adults: The Role of Trauma-related Intrusions and Alcohol Problems,” and “Child Sexual Abuse and Persistence of Risky Sexual Behaviors and Negative Sexual Outcomes Over Adulthood: Findings From a Birth Cohort.” Each academic article exhibited findings connecting child sexual abuse (CSA) to women subsequently engaging in some or all of the following: a large quantity of sexual partners; unwanted pregnancies; procurement of sexually transmitted infections; prostitution; engaging in casual sex; and having unprotected sex. In the first study I reviewed, authors Melissa Roemmele and Terri Messman-Moore evaluated college women from a Mid-Western university. They conducted self-reported survey assessments of 653…

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