Essay about Sex Is The Most Intimate Expression Of Love

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Human sexuality is a four-dimensional activity that involves pleasure, an expression of friendship, procreation, and/or an expression of love for one another (Thiroux & Krasemann). Some would argue that sexuality is the most intimate expression of love towards each other. During the nineteenth century, there were laws in place that prohibited many types of private sexual activities amongst consenting adults. In addition, such laws included the activities of a husband and wife and if found guilty, the individuals was charged with a felony. Today, many of these laws have been deemed unfair and repealed in many states. This leads to a provocative question of should there be sex before marriage, in other words where do you stand on the subject of on premarital sex? Premarital sex refers to sexual activity that happens before marriage (Thiroux & Krasemann). Depending on where you stand spiritually one can argue that premarital sex can be viewed as a sin according to the Bible. Sex before marriage can lead to promiscuity, the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies. An unplanned pregnancy can lead up to a couple being forced to abort a child, which could foster the moral belief that one murdered an innocent child. A belief in premarital sex can help encourage two people in love to understand that sex should not be the beginning of a relationship but the beginning of a marriage. On the reverse side, many rank the "sexual experience" as…

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