Sex Education Should Be Mandatory Essay

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When Is It The Right Time To Talk About Sex?
For several years now, health teachers and educators have argued with parents on whether or not sex education should be taught in middle and high schools and whether students should be exposed to sex at such a young age. Sex education is a term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse, sexual reproduction, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Some parents feel that sex education is inappropriate and should not be taught in school. They feel as though the government has no right to be teaching their children about sex and that it is their job to do so. On the other hand, other parents and educators feel that sex education should be taught in school and the more the children know, the more lives teachers and educators are saving and unintended pregnancies are avoided. Sex education should be mandatory in middle schools and high schools because it teaches students about prevention of pregnancy, prevention of STDS and HIV, and facilitates communication.
One of the main reasons why sex education should be taught in schools is to prevent unintended pregnancy. According to the Department of Public Health, about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year (1). That means that 34 percent of teenagers have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20. If students are not educated about sex in middle and high school, then teenage pregnancy rates will continue to rise. As these rates continue to rise, sex…

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