Essay about Sex And Intimacy Is Essential Part Of Life

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Love is an essential part of life; people both crave love and can’t live without. It is sad that sex and intimacy is crucial when it comes to love and there are horrific acts such as rape forever scaring people who have to endure it. The psychological and physical pain is unimaginable. There is an average of 240 rapes per day and 32,000 pregnancies each year reported from victims. The human capacity of love and physical intimacy can in some cases become so corrupt as to produce it’s opposite side in forms of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, but while reading this chapter it was still hard to truly understand how there are so many accounts of rape each day. I always thought of rape as some disturbed stranger overpowering or threatening a random girl forcing intercourse on her. I obviously knew there were other exceptions and cases, but it shocked me that rape was most commonly inflicted by someone the victim knows or even happening within a marriage. It was alarming to read that marital rape has archaic forms of “marital privilege” tide to it and to this day semi-legal is some states. In reality it isn’t taken as serious as other cases of rape and was seen as an oxymoron at one point in time. Spousal rape is most certainly rape in every way and form. No man forcing himself on a woman sexually, even within the boundaries of marriage, should be protected by the law or any marital obligation. I’ve read articles in the past on these matters about women being…

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