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Kudler Fine Foods – Frequent Shopper Program: Phase 1 & 2 Jamie Littlejohn, Eric Haltom, Jason Rianda, John Martinez, and Rhonda Mortensen
University of Phoenix
Blair Smith
August 24, 2009

Kudler Fine Foods – Frequent Shopper Program: Phase 1 & 2
Statement of Scope- Eric Kudler Fine Foods wants to incorporate a new frequent buyer program for its loyal shoppers. Frequent buyer programs have been called rewards programs, loyalty programs, and a variety of other names. Frequent shopper programs are among the earliest efforts to retain an organization's best customers, and most are based on financial incentives (Zikmund, McLeod, Jr., & Gilbert, 2002, p. 84). This incentive program
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The system will need to alert, send or prepare monthly newsletters providing club members of their current totals and what rewards are available. The final function of this system is to be completely integrated into current in place systems in a way that won’t affect or change the current system’s functionality.

Supporting Measures for Success- John To ensure that the proposed system is on track for a successful implementation, there are a few checks and balances that will be administered from kick-off to post-implemenation. As with all new endeavors, the only way to truly measure success is with projected and completed milestone markers. The points below are a few of the markers that will be substantiated. • A timeline / timeframe expectations has been proposed • The Scope of the new project has been reviewed by all involved and are 100% onboard • Roles and responsibilities have been assigned and agreed upon by all involved • Retrieve feedback from customer questionnaires on possible rewards • Potential partners have been identified for the rewards • Marketing to begin designing Customer Loyalty Cards (CLC) • Hardware and Software needed has been identified and priced • System is up and running / compatible to Partners Systems’ • Advise public of new venture and begin gathering customer info / data entry • Begin training power users • Test Run (Phase 1) • Define authorization levels

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