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As our world grows culturally and technologically, so does our need for an adequately sourced workforce. The role of technology and innovation in the career and working world is a consistent facilitator of establishing new and interesting ways to benefit workers and job assets. The continual demand for various jobs requiring a specific set of skills has grown over time in America; however, it is not always domestic and thus requires exporting to other regions of the world. In “Will Your Job Be Exported,” Blinder provides us expository commentary on a surfacing detrimental problem in our ability to accomodate all necessary aspects to a prosperous economy.
Edmund Burk observed that “you cannot plan the future by the past,” and with the ever changing
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Advances in communication has allowed for service jobs to be exported, causing a negative effect on US wages. Service sector offshoring will increase because of more and more technological increases.
The complete issue is not the fact that service jobs will be outsourced, but the time frame that involves the adjustment period of offshoring jobs. Offshoring is not only an issue for people with lower wages and lower education, it’s now an issue for anyone with a job that could be communicated overseas.
Our contemporary labor force is distinguished between two different social aspects of jobs, personal and impersonal. We need to redesign and establish a new education reform that keeps the modern working aspect of personal and impersonality, understanding impersonal jobs are more likely to be outsourced. As technology increases within personal jobs, so will the extension and ability to communicate from the aforementioned. Level of education is not a necessary and pertinent aspect to personal and impersonal jobs, especially outsourced impersonal ones. The need for a taxi driver and brain surgeon will always be present; personal to impersonal jobs are varied in their requirements though they are the new working paradigm as a result of innovation and technological
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The antiquated motto of “stay in school” no longer holds the merit and effectivity it had before considering the dramatic shift in level of job requirements and capabilities. In America, we should currently be considering how to equip our youth to be able to adapt to the impending future job market and the way to gain un-outsourceable skills and personal ability. The current “No Child Left Behind” mentality that invigorates our education system is not effective in long-term success; it denigrates what otherwise outstanding students would achieve and conceives it as mediocre just systematically. Emphasizing and changing the way we teach our elementary children social interaction skills and the methodology of communication to be more personal and acclimated to our current way society is, is necessary in establishing a successful education reformation. Vocational schools are also predated in their curriculum and need to be adjusted to better fit the current job market, as well. While STEM jobs are considerably important, so is creating a well-rounded, non-sourceable, personally-trained labor force that is capable of accommodating change and leading the role of innovation in technology and communication.
Reforming education will not fix the issue entirely. Raising minimum wage and creating a program that helped workers find

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