Essay on Serial Killers, Blood Splatter Analysis And Justice Killing

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Intelligent serial killers, blood-splatter analysis and justice killing; Dexter is a fascinating modern television show with a character so abstract and antisocial when compared to most television programs today, many wonder where James Manos could have thought up such a character. After reading Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Purloined Letter, one can see that there are striking similarities between the misanthropic Dupin and the morose Dexter. I believe that James Manos’s main character Dexter, in the television series Dexter, is strongly influenced by Edgar Allen Poe’s main character Dupin, from much earlier 1844 short story, The Purloined Letter. The characters most striking similarities run from their difficulty connecting with their peers to distancing themselves from the criminal cases, which gives them a unique way of solving the crimes.

C. Auguste Dupin is a man of leisure. He is methodical and decadent. A man who comes from a once rich family that now has to live life as a middle class man, Dupin is extremely intelligent, leaving him with a dry personality that makes him difficult to form a relationship with. His difficulty to forms relationships has allowed him to be unattached to the world around him, which makes him an excellent investigator, without being an official detective. Similar to Dupin, Dexter’s lack of social skills grants him the ability to be unattached to the world around him, which allows him to be excellent at seeing where justice should be give,…

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