Serena Nanda's Article: Different Types Of Marriage In India

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Marriage practices in India are well-known to the Western world, however, in the article by Serena Nanda, she discusses all types of marriages practiced within the country. How involved family members, particularly the parents are involved with their children getting married, arranged marriage, and the long process of finding a suitable spouse for their child — many factors are considered in this process. The author visited India many times and has strong ties to the country; match-making is very popular in India, though the article expressed the cultural variations between India and the United States.

Nanda, Serena 2000/2009 Arranging a Marriage in India, Annual Editions Anthropology.

In Japan, the standards for marriage, particularly compared to Western perceptions of it
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However the domestics violence rate in India is lower by a large margin than the United States. At the time of the article the yearly death rate for women as a result of dowry was nearly thirty thousand. The situation for these women in India is often sever, harassment, death, etc., but the stigma is difficult to break through, and the value of women.

Hitchcock, Amanda 2001 Rising Number of Dowry Deaths in India, Annual Editions Anthropology.

A sobering account of the act of honor crimes/killings which claim the life of five-thousands women every year, the article emphasized the practice in the country of Jordan. It is seen in many nations and migrant communities in the US and Europe. The article took the form of story of a woman named Kifaya, a young girl, the victim of an honor killing. The author interviewed many people in Amman about honor killings, even people who have performed the act. The author struggled to comprehend the reasons for such killings.

Husseini, Rana 2009 Murder in Amman, Annual Editions

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