Sentience Transcendence In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Sentience Transcendence:
Just as fire feeds off of oxygen in the air, the house of the Usher’s continues off of the family’s heirs. The backdrop of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher further emphasizes the chasm between the natural and the unfathomable and the effects upon which it inflicts on the human subconscious. The bleak, desolate conditions in which the Ushers live in contribute to the overall deterioration of the characters within the story, almost like a fire which spreads and consumes everything in its wake and turns it into an unrecognizable char ruin. Usually homes represent a sense of permanence and radiate feelings of warmth and comfort yet the house in the story is decrepit, which signifies the prevalent absence
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The house creates a nervous tension that is palpable in the air.When Roderick composes “The Haunted Palace,” it starts to mimics and aptly mirrors the house and the “...terrible influence which for centuries [exert and molds] the destinies of his family…,” (Poe 2). After they put to rest lady Madeline, Roderick’s condition worsens, the narrator feels the full brunt of his deterioration and starts to slowly feel the effects of being in the house for a extended amount of time.The narrator begins to show symptoms similar to Roderick, a flood of “nervousness which [he feels has] dominion over [him],” that he feels was a by product of the rooms gloomy furniture similar to how Roderick feels the house increases his horrors and fears. The narrator feels compelled to pace back and forth a behavior displayed earlier in Roderick. When Roderick appears at the narrator 's door and his slightly erratic behavior correlates with the odd happenings outside the house. An “impetuous fury of…” wind starts to collects oddly around them which almost lifts them off their feet,some vapors agitates off in the distance and objects around them start to glow in a percurial “...unnatural light...which [hangs] about and enshroud[s] the mansion,” (Poe 2). It is notable that the strange lights only seem to originate around the house and the clouds hang “ low as to press upon…,” the house which creates a dense box on all sides of the property, that makes it seem as if they’re closed off from reality, what is to come will come and they’re outside the fabric of society in a oppressive current (Poe 2). The unpleasant miasma which emanates from the house’s tarn represents the threshold and how Roderick is slowly about to unravel and go off into the depths of unknown. When Roderick finally breaks and succumbs the houses panels throwback with

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