Selling Drugs : Illegal Drugs Essay

949 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the main ways someone can make easy money is by selling drugs. The reason why people sell drugs is so they can afford to buy drugs for themselves and use it. Others sell drugs because they are trying to make fast money so they can provide for their family. Then you have the gang members that pressure their fellow members to sell drugs in order to be part of the family. Also we have the adolescent teens that see these drug dealers with their fancy cars and clothes and want their lifestyle. Lastly you have people that are forced to sell drugs to pay off a debt. Selling drugs honestly isn 't worth it because the risks outweigh the benefits. When people become addicted to drugs it becomes their whole life and they do anything they can to fulfill that craving. Most people become drug dealers because they need to make money so they can provide it for themselves to smoke. Sometimes they even end up smoking their own product because they are so addicted to it. All it takes is trying it one time and liking the way you feel when you 're on that drug, for someone to get hooked. It 's crazy when you hear stories about people that had everything going for them, and they decided to try drugs for the first time and get addicted. Then you have the other type of drug dealer that needs to make fast easy money so they can provide for their family. That they are so desperate and are in a time crunch to where they succumb to selling drugs. Most of them don 't even want to do…

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