Selfishness In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay
In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee chooses one character and rarely incorporates them in order to show the importance of the topic. Her purpose to to try and destroy the innocence of the people, which is resembled by a mockingbird. In the novel, the author uses Boo Radley to confront how evil and kindness can be found within each other and within one person. In the beginning of the novel, Harper Lee explains how the mythical human, who no one has seen, lives at the Radley's Place and because of his/hers absence it’s an anomaly to Scout. It started with Jem, her older brother, and his opinion on everything, if he said anything she would always listen and do exactly what he says. When Jem explained to
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The curiosity began one afternoon when Scout and Jem were walking home and found presents under the tree out front of the Radley’s Place. It was after school when they passed by the whole again, “I pulled out to small images carved in soap.” (Pg 67) Scout starts to realize that someone is deliberately giving Jem and her these presents. She loves them and looks forward to finding them every morning and afternoon when they pass the whole. As the two try to figure out who it could be placing these thoughtful presents under the tree, the realize that it could be Boo Radley. However, the hole was soon covered so the two gave up on finding out who the person was and never completely changed there minds about Boo. Another kind gesture was when they went to see Boo Radley through the back window, but instead Jem got his pants caught in the wires when trying to escape. When he came back that night to claim his pants and make sure no one knows it was him, he found his pants folded across the fence. He explains “They’d been sewed up.”(Pg 66). In the novel Jem does not know who did that, but the readers can infer that Boo Radley may have had a part in it. Although this frightened Jem deep down he was surprised and thankful for the person who did it and that they didn’t tell anyone it was him. …show more content…
A major turning point for Scout is when she notices that Boo Radley saved her and Jem’s life. “His lips parted into a timid smile…“Hey, Boo,” I said” This is when Scout first talks to Boo Radley, also known as Arthur Radley. At this moment Lee has illustrated how evil and kindness can coexist with each other by proving that all the evil Boo has done is nothing compared to what he did to save the children. Therefore, Scout offers to walk Mr. Arthur home which shows how she is starting to accept him and appreciate the good he has done for her and her

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