Self Determination Theory And Actualization Essay

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Everyone thinks at a certain age or time in their life that they “become complete” or “reach their full potential.” But how do you determine that? That was the question many theorists, particularly Abraham Maslow, wanted to find out. Maslow came up with the idea of “the self- actualization person. A self- actualization person is someone who is first free from psychological disturbances, has progressed through the hierarchy of needs, embraced their B-value such as beauty, justice, simplicity, humor, etc., and finally self- actualizing individuals fulfilled the needs to grow, to develop, and to increasingly become what they were capable of becoming (Feist, Feist, & Roberts, 2013). This brings us to the assigned article Self Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential. This article described the Self- Determination Theory, which assumes that people are inherently inclined to be proactive and to move toward greater refinement and integration in self-functioning (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). A particular attribute of SDT is that they tend to use the term “full functioning” instead of “self-actualizing” (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). It goes on to describe three types of autonomous behaviors or behaviors endorsed by one’s self, which are important for full functioning. They are intrinsically motivated behaviors, extrinsically motivated behaviors, and emotion motivated behaviors (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). It also describes the necessities for the development of a…

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