Self Defense, And Sexual Reproduction Essay

752 Words Mar 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Aggression, has been the representation of something diabolical, and destructive for humans and animals as we know it. But what is the cause of aggression; is it instinct, the means of self defense, and sexual reproduction (Konrad Lorenz), or is it a trait learned through reinforcement and punishment (E.O Wilson)? Humans have learned to repress their behaviour to comply to the society, does this make them different compared to animals? Pushed to the limits, is when aggression becomes exposed. Although our instinct has become desensitise as we become more civilized it doesn’t wipe away what it is at our subconscious. In nature, animals pushed to the limits respond in two ways, fight or flight. Given a certain amount of space at which the predator attacks, the prey will usually flee, but if the predator is too close, or the prey is forced to protect home, and young, it will fight, often this critical reaction, is the most violent; ‘motivated by fear, by the most intense flight impulses whose natural outlet is prevented by the fact that the danger is too near’ (Lorenz 7). Organisms are born with these responses, aggression is innate. Human have a spectrum of response, aggression can be intensified and changed to be a weapon to which the user can manipulate. ‘They differ genetically from many other animal species that lack such a pattern of behavior altogether. Because there is a complex scale instead of a simple, reflex-like response’ (Wilson 3). This goes beyond the Id, and…

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