Self Concept, Self Awareness, And Self Esteem Essay

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One major part of communication is your personal perception of yourself and others. There are three specific aspects: self concept, self awareness, and self esteem. The first, self concept, “consists of your feelings, thoughts about your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities and limitations, and your aspirations and worldview” (54). Think about walking around in a big city surrounded by people. You watch the people as they live their lives around you, constantly judging and comparing yourself to them. This is you, comparing who you think you are, to someone else. In life, we are constantly comparing. Whether it be comparing brands of food or comparing who 's wearing the outfit better. It’s a constant mind thought. I believe that is where we find our self worth. Whether you chose to believe it or not, it’s true. We define our personal worth by other people. Peers being the hardest critic. I cannot begin to tell you how girls’ minds work. Constantly we compare one to another. Our physical features, clothes, personality, it’s a constant comparison. DeVito words it this way, “you gain a different perspective when you see yourself in comparison to your peers” (55). Your self concept defines how you communicate. If you have a positive self concept, you are willing to be bold and assertive while a negative self concept can result in thinking “I will never be good enough”. That’s why as humans we need to reach out and help others define their worth as positive.

Secondly, self…

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