Essay on Selective Service Law - Registration Of 367710 Colored Men

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INTRO INTRO INTRO. Now that the regiments had been enacted and enough colored men had shown interest in joining the army, the time to begin preparing the troops for war had come. Selective service Law - registration of 367,710 colored men (289). In Truth, the American Negro, suffering under the burdens of second-degree citizenship, was aflame in play a significantly important part in any way for the destruction of oligarchies which deny him the full-rounded citizenship he has won on every battlefield as a member of the armed forces when the country has been in peril…” (289). “It was for these reasons that American negroes in World War I eagerly went to Europe to fight for the liberation of oppressed people” (289). Acts of discrimination against black soldiers were rampant on military based and the southern communities they bordered” (49)However, prejudices persisted among the ranks “the war department required all enlistees to indicate their race on their draft registration card in order to segregate troops after the men were called up” (32). Senator James K. Vardaman of Mississippi demanded that while mobilizing, all black troops be trained in the North - Secretary of War Baker said Black troops would be trained where it was most convenient, regardless of Southern fear (32-33). “Jim Crow” Training Camps--No!” - Chicago Defender.
Eighteen Military camps contained black soldiers by 1919. Camp Pike in Little Rock, Arkansas, housed only 2,656 members of the 8th…

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