Security Sector Reform In The Military

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The essence of security sector reform especially in the military according to Dun and Tar were to change institutional norms, support professionalism, advance resource utilisation and operational effectiveness (on the side of the military), better policy management (on the side of civil authorities), in consonant with accountability and respect for human rights and international law and involving inputs from a variety of stakeholders and actors (Dunn, and Tar, 2008: 23).

Effective post conflict military reforms needs to effectively address comprehensive nation-building responsibilities of a military force, therefore attaining such in liberia will require sustain international commitment to the peace accords, re establishment of trust
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It is focuses on human security, yet holds that human security and state security are reciprocally reinforcing (Bryden and Hanggi, 2004). Since, the maintainance of security remains the responsibility of the state, therefore, the objective of military reform is to re shape the state’s military institutions to carry out their activities in accordance with their constitutional roles in furtherance of good democratic governance and respect for the rule oflaw. In post-conflict scenario such as Liberia, this involves the re establishment of civil military relationship and trust through innovative recruitment, disengagement of combatants with financial entitlements and also incorporating them into a fused national army or persuading them to lay down arms through plans of Demobilisation, Demilitarisation and Re-integration (DDR). (Bekoe and Parajon …show more content…
The re training of the military on the strict observance of the rule of engagement in armed conflict can be a good example. Therefore, military reform is targeted towards the acceptance of the the security of the state by diverse sector of the communities by its professionalism and conduct including the observance human rights and within the context of the rule of law. In order to properly analyse the problems or challenges that have made military reforms difficult in Liberia as a case study, we may have to consider chronology of post conflict reforms, polical history and influence on the military and the challenges including the commitment of the International actors and the manner in which some issues of national reconciliation where being

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