Essay on Security Issues in E-Commerce Can Be Overcome

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Discuss how security issues in e-commerce can be overcome

In this document I am going to explain the security issues that every e-commerce possible faces and how to overcome them.

Each e-commerce have to keep their online data safe such as customers personal details, their bank details and many more and in order to make sure that their data stays safe and secured, they have to be aware of all the frauds that is taking place now days because e-commerce have to deal with payments such as online banking, electronic transactions, using debit cards, credit cards and many other ways and because of these e-commerce’s have more compliance issues as they are at more risk from being targeted than other websites. Data’s can be stolen in many
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A Trojan is a negative program that pretends to be a gentle application, but in reality it’s harmful.
Unlike worms, Trojan do not replicate themselves but it can be very destructive. One of the most dangerous types of Trojan is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead it itself is a virus which gets into the system.

To try and prevent the system from viruses, then anti-virus software must be installed into each and every system from staff computers till the web servers, so no one can send or hack any of the system. Once the security software’s are installed they need to be updated quite often as new versions keeps coming out which are upgraded with a better security then the previous versions.

The other thing that e-commerce have to be aware of is their deliveries, as everything is done online and because of this the company is responsible of delivering the good safely to the customers and now days there are many frauds taking place in deliveries as well, so the companies has to be aware of how and by who they are connected to when it comes to deliver the goods. The fraud that takes place in this circumstance are customers collecting goods and claiming that they have not received the item or the man/company nicks the item and claims to be stolen or any reasonable excuse. To get rid of this issue the companies should link with a famous and trusted delivery companies such as “Royal mail” or

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