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You asked the following question: “I know that in the past that we installed hose stations in high piled storage warehouses. Where is it referenced in NFPA standards to install inside 1 1/2-inch hose stations?” In response to your question we have reviewed NFPA 13, 2013 edition that you indicated as the applicable standard. Our informal interpretation is that the requirement is from Chapter 12 where it could be required by the AHJ.

Chapter 12 requires small hose connections where required by the AHJ. These are for first-aid fire fighting and overhaul operations and the reference is Section 12.2.1. The exception is for the protection of Class I-IV commodities stored 12 ft or less in height per Section 12.2.2. As such, this applies to
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Chapter 8 tells us how to install the small hose connections and that’s why Section starts with “where required” when small 1 1⁄2 in. hose connections shall be installed. The annex for this section indicates that 1 1/2 in. fire hose packs are not required unless designated by the authority having jurisdiction, as it is not likely that such hoses will be adequately maintained for safe use by first responders. Civilian workers who are not properly trained in fire-fighting techniques are expected to evacuate the building in the event of a fire. The Sprinkler Systems Handbook commentary for this section says that storage fires normally require the use of hose lines for complete extinguishment of fires within boxes or other areas that can be shielded from the sprinklers at the ceiling. Fire departments normally use their own hose. When specifically required, the hose connections can be supplied from separate or adjacent systems or outside hydrants, so that the ceiling sprinklers can be shut off during the

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