Essay on Secret Ink And Dead Drops

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Spies in history are fascinating to learn about especially in regard to secret ink and dead drops. This is one of the major roles in spying. Technology plays a vital role in how spying develops. It is to be noted that a life of a spy is not always colorful. Several spies during the Revolutionary war are hanged if they are caught betraying the United States. This is not always the case. Benedict Arnold escapes to England. The life of a spy is different then what people imagine. Even the founding fathers of the United States of America played a drastic role in spying. Like John Jay the ‘Father of Counter Intelligence”. George Washington is known for creating the most successful operative. In addition, Benjamin Franklin does a great job to do psychological warfare. There are many thought-provoking ideas in regard to Espionage and treason that involves Spying.
The first thought-provoking idea is the development of spying through technology. The beginnings of spy craft is rooted in Mesopotamia. Smoke signals is used here. Technology will later advance to the point that spies can hide notes in their shoes. Is this the only important detail of technology? No. Many spies will develop ways to code messages. These messages is understood by both the recipient and the person who wrote the message. Over time these messages will evolve to the point that spies even create secret names or keywords. During the Revolutionary war, people used names from the bible. Out of all places I never…

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