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The Information and Communication Technology Capabilities of LGUs 87 2. The personnel and department heads should practice using the application software and try exploring while using the software. 3. The personnel especially in the lowland and interior municipalities need to undergo training along Microsoft Excel and use of Internet; and the department heads should find time to attend training on advanced I.T. like Microsoft PowerPoint.

4. The Local Government Units should include in their Municipal Development Plans how they can improve and advance along Information and Communication Technology, particularly their connection to the World Wide Web.


A. Book
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Data were obtained from forty (40) Teacher Education students, who were enrolled in Speech Communication and Debate during the First Semester of the Academic Year 2009-2010. Descriptive method of investigation in evaluating the linguistic errors of the students was employed. From the tape recorded speeches of the respondents, their linguistic errors and strategies in monitoring those errors were listened, transcribed and analyzed using the following statistical tools: frequency and percentages, weighted mean, point biserial correlation, chi-square test, and analysis of variance.

Results revealed that majority of the respondents are female; equal number of students from the four curricular offerings of the college participated in the study; a great number of them graduated from the public high

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