Prejudice And Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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Growing up Scout and Jem had to learn that the world is not so innocent. While growing up, they dealt with the problems of sexuality, racism, and prejudice.
Jem, and Scout’s summer friend Dill was different from Jem, and people started to notice these changes. People started to question Dills sexuality. Dill had a very active imagination, and loved to lie. This was not the only deference between the two boys. Dill had a girly like shape, while Jem was an average American Boy. Dill looked thin and very frail (Lee #).. He was not so tough like Jem (Kasper). Suspicions were pointed towards Dill that he could possibly be gay. This was not something that was acceptable in the South (Richards). The thought of a child being gay had never been thought of, and was wrong to the people of Maycomb County.
Dill wore clothes like, “‘blue linen shorts that buttoned to the shirt, his hair was snow white and stuck to his head like duck-fluff’” (Lee 4). Jem wore his overalls and boots, people were always comparing them to each other when seen together. Jem was what you called a typical Maycomb County boy. He was tough. Dill did not have a chance. He had the stature of a young girl. The “normal” Maycomb boys
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She had a terrible home life. They had no money, not money to buy food, or the things that were needed to live on. They would make shoes out of old tires, and scraps lying around. Mayella was made for work; she was not feminine, like Scout. Mayella had no home training. She was not sure how to act in public, so she was very rude (Lee, 154). When Atticus had to her to the sand he would ask her questions and she would not understand what he was asking (May). There were only two people in the family who could read and write, so no further education was taught. Although she was the oldest of seven children she was lonely. Mayella was by herself, her father was abusive and she had no friends. Scout felt sorry for Mayella (Lee,

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