Scientific Revolution: Conflicts With The Catholic Church

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The Scientific Revolution caused a lot of conflicts with the Catholic Church that was slowly losing power in Europe. The Renaissance introduced a lot of different innovations, philosophies, and ways to think about religion and government. Humanism was a way of basing things on evidence and not supernatural. Also humanists thought that human choice changed history and not supernatural beings. Scientists like Copernicus and Galileo had troubles with the church trying to spread information on how the universe and solar system worked.
The Scientific Revolution introduced many different ideas about how the universe worked with the Geocentric theory that the Catholic Church supported and then there was Copernicus’ Heliocentric Theory. Different scientists had proven it to be correct but the Church would do anything to hide this to prevent their followers to question their beliefs. Galileo used his telescope to see the craters on the Moon and this proved Aristotle’s theory wrong that the Moon and stars were perfect spheres. He could also see the sun and planets and he supported Copernicus’ Heliocentric theory. When the Catholic Church found out about this they started threatening him so he
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The Church could punish people trying to leave and they punished people who had different beliefs but this would just push people away. The Church was becoming aggressive because of the recent humanistic thinking that was making people question things they couldn’t see or understand. People listened to these scientists because their theories made sense and they could understand them. The only people that benefitted would be the ones that could get away from the church and could spread information about the Heliocentric theory, but this was incredibly

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