Essay on Science And Stem Related Careers

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Scientist have existed for thousands of years and some of their work have been able to allow their legacy to live on after they are gone. Some would say they are the embodiment of mankind. Because of their countless hours spent on research and experimentation, they have been able to create and ensure that technology is always improving. Science and STEM related careers are a growing field that require the same quality, people interested in this field are problem solvers. The majority of scientists and science enthusiasts follow the same basic process also known as the scientific method. They all give the information collected and confirmed to the public for general use and to spread knowledge. With that being said, a marine fisher biologist, the career being interviewed, can easily be looked at and compared to an applied physicist, the career that is being pursued. A marine fisher biologist is a scientist who goes to bodies of water in order to conducts experiments that evaluates the health of an ecosystem. The information collected is significant and important because it affect fishers and shrimpers within that area that depend on harvesting sea creatures as their way of livelihood. The marine fisher biologist are able to determine if the creatures that live in the ocean are healthy and plentiful. An applied physicist is a scientist who conducts experiments that aim to produce new technologies and to solve engineering problems. Their research affects about anything that…

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