Essay on Science And Religion And The World Of Science

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There is a common understanding that science and religion interfere with one another. There is a tension that cuts the two in half making them opposites that are unable to reside together. Peter Lipton believes that this doesn’t have to be the case; people can live in both the world of religion and the world of science by using his “Immersion solution.” I believe that his solution has flaws that make it incapable of working on the average person thus, I do not find his idea favorable or even capable of working.

Lipton attempts to make it so that his solution can appeal to every religion and only mentions Judaism simply because he is Jewish himself. Lipton is a realist. He sees science as something important and crucial to how he lives, but at the same time, he is also a man of religion and calls himself a “progressive jew.” There are many reasons a person could find it hard to both be religious and a person of science. A list could be compiled easily as the mysticality of religion against the lawfulness of science could certainly be off putting.

Questions arise: How does the creation of the world from my, in this case, biblical perspective, correlate with my knowledge of science? Do I have to choose between the two? I could ignore science and follow religion blindly, but that would be impractical and only end up in me deceiving myself. Lipton proposes three different scenarios in which he tries to repair the rift between science and religion, but they are…

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