School Vs. Redding Unified School Essays

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School have authority over students and have the power to search them for a reasonable reason. The school can search if the administrator believe that the student may be carrying something that violates school policy such as weapons or drugs. Or it can be as simple as a students personal property being stolen in school which leads to classes being searched. Most school go as far as to going through the bookbag and the student 's pockets. But Safford Unified school took it too far when they conducted a strip search on a student that they believed might have pills on her. The strip search violated her fourth amendment rights which the safford unified school district disagrees.

Safford Unified School District vs Redding was a controversial case that took place in 2009. It was controversial because Savana Redding 's was strip searched on a wrongful accusation by another student Marissa. It all started out with Jordan who gave a pill to the vice principal Wilson saying that Marissa had given it to him. Marissa was found will pills and a knife in her day planner but claimed that it wasn’t hers.Melissa instead told the vice principal that the day planner was not hers but Savanas. Then Savana Reddings was called to the principal office where she was shown the day planner. She claimed the day planner was her but not the knife and the pills that were with the day planner. Savana Reddings denied the pills being hers but told principal wilson that she had lent Marissa the day planner a…

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