Essay about School Shootings

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Professor Jeremy Fackenthal
Philosophy 212
October 17, 2015
SCHOOL SHOOTINGS Tragic events like school shootings occur far too often in today’s society. There were 41 documented shootings in 2015 alone; resulting in many deaths and injuries. These crimes are senseless and if the cause for such actions are known, that still does not provide any comfort to the victim’s family behind the reason for committing such a horrible act. The mass shooting in Oregon at Umpqua Community College showed how heartless and evil one person can be. Students reported that Christopher Mercer entered classrooms and asked students about their religion, for those who acknowledged that they were Christian, he proceeded to shoot them in the head, while others
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I do not think that there are completely evil people, meaning that no one person is entirely set on committing evil acts throughout their existence. I feel that for a person that wants to commit, or feel that need to do evil things must have some type of mental illness to a certain degree. This may hinder these individuals from being virtuous in the act of doing good. Natural law ethics is moral law because it is normative and not just descriptive. It tells us what we ought to do as human beings, and not just what we already do. Human nature is the way that we are and according to natural law ethics, human nature is the way that we should be, but when people continue to commit mass shootings or acts of terrorism, this is not the way that our society today should follow natural law ethics.
In the face of adversity and terrible acts such as school shootings, there are individuals who display incredible acts of heroism. This is an example of ethical egoism as well as Kant's ethical theory. For ethical egoism I feel that in a dire situations such as these individual and universal ethical egoism is being demonstrated. Individuals who plead with gunman or terrorists usually ask the individual committing the crime to stop and reconsider and also state that they have families or other reasons as to why the individual should not harm them. In this instance the person is looking out for their own best interests, which is getting

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