School Setting : Swain County High School Essay

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School setting: Swain County High School is the only high school in the county. It is situated about a mile on the outskirts of a small town with 5 stoplights. The school currently enrolls 636 students. It houses a newly restructured Alternative Learning Center. The Alternative Learning Center houses 28 students. The high school also has a Freshman Academy which accommodates 142 students. These students are housed in a separate building for 50% of the day and then branch out to their electives. Both of these are initiatives that stemmed from high drop-out rates. 58% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. 68% of the students are white, while 26% are Native American; the remaining percentage is made of Hispanic and 2 or more races. There are 76 students in the exceptional children program and 61 students in the AIG program. Our school district has grown by almost 200 students in the past year. The school has 47 certified teachers. Of the 47 teachers, 29 are female and 18 are male. There are two Native American teachers and 1 Hispanic. 15 teachers are Swain High graduates. This does not proportionally reflect the cultural diversity that exists within our students. As indicated by the latest data from NC Report card the breakdown of teachers and years of experience is as follows: 0-3 years: 15%; 4-10 years: 17%; 10+: 68%. SCHS has 98% Highly Qualified, 17% with advanced degrees, and 11 Nationally Board Certified teachers.
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