School Aged Children With Disabilities Essay

2080 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 9 Pages
Beginning a new family can be an exciting time in a human begins life. Many emotions may be emerging all at once, yet what if one found out that the baby that was on its way was going to be born with a disability. Families from around the world face this similar situation and it can be really hard for them to handle. The author of School-Aged Children with Disabilities in U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas completed a research on the U.S. censes and concluded that, “… school aged children (5 to 17) in the civilian noninstitutionalized population about 2.8 million were reported to have a disability in 2010” (Brault, 2011, p.1). Every year, the number of children with disabilities continues to grow higher, and as this number progresses parents with disable children need to prepare themselves for what ahead of them. Parents need to understand that this is a child who deserves love and protection, and that they are human begins too. Children with disabilities will need a different approach as to how they will live for the rest for their life. As parents they have the obligation of adapting a new life style that is suitable for their child in order to provided them with a good future; however, many time this is not the case and families are left to face multiple obstacles. Brining a child into this world with disabilities at times can be really hard; although, families may face many hard times they may also witness the greatest unconditional love there is from their child.

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