Essay about Scams And Fraud Of Edu Corp

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Scams and Fraud Policy
1. Overview
With a large number of employees at Edu Corp, scams and other fraudulent activity could affect the day-to-day operations of the company. With the ongoing concern of scams and fraud, Edu Corp has established an extensive, detailed policy in order to protect our customers and employees from various scams and fraudulent activity. In 2013, millions of people were victims of scams and fraudulent activity (“CBS Cybercrine,” 2015). With a large employee base at Edu Corp, just one employee could jeopardize the security of the company by partaking in a scam or fraudulent activity. At Edu Corp, we strive to inform our employees and customers about the risks and types of scams and fraud, while protecting our digital assets and intelligence. In order to provide maximum safety and privacy to our employees and customers, Edu Corp enforces the knowledge and awareness of social engineering recognition, fraudulent recognition, phishing detection, false antivirus detection, malware protection, malicious software protection and guarding, spyware and adware detection, and identity verification, in the most efficient, productive manner possible.
With company employees as common victims for cyber-based attacks, many companies are striving to ensure proper employee knowledge and awareness in regards to scams and fraud (Picchi, 2016). Edu Corp continuously assesses and implements appropriate security measures to combat scams and fraudulent activity. By…

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