Saving The Earth Is A Huge Issue Essay

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Besides global warming, saving the earth is a huge issue that the whole world talks about. There are multiple ways to save the earth but the most important contribution a single person can do is to begin recycling. If recycling ceased to exist, humans would be living in our own filth because according to Alex Schenker, “In New York alone, people produce enough trash in one day to fill the entire Empire State Building” (Schenker). The Empire State Building is exactly 79,288 square feet (Empire State), which is nearly two acres. Imagine two acres of trash constantly ending up in landfills daily from one state alone. During my freshmen year at Arizona State University (ASU), I lived in a dorm that provided two bins, a black bin for trash, and a blue bin for recyclables. Down the hall was a trash room that consisted of a large bin for recyclable items and a trash chute. What I’ve noticed when entering rooms of floor mates were that regardless of the two separate bins provided, both contained trash. The bin in the trash room also consisted of trash due to the fact that it is much simpler to throw trash in a bin rather than operate a chute.
Although ASU’s Julie Ann Wrigley’s Global Institute of Sustainability already has a Zero Waste by 2015 program in effect, this means ASU is attempting to do their part but what about the students, and other faculty members? Access to recycling bins are available throughout the entire campus but when taking a look inside, most are used…

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