Satire : Red Cup Controversy By Jessica Machado Essay

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"Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome"(Starbucks). In November of 2015, Starbucks, the popular coffeehouse chain, released their Christmas-themed cups. Shockingly, they were plain red, with a bit of an ombré effect. These cups were a stark difference when compared to years past, where they featured vintage ornaments or hand-drawn reindeer. To say the least, the conservative community was outraged at these red cups, which were seen as politically correct or offensive. The following articles illustrate the controversy: "Starbucks 'removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus, ' Christian says in viral Facebook video," was written by Justin Wm. Moyer, reporter for The Washington Post. "Satire: Red Cup Controversy" was written by Jessica Machado, writer for Bruin Voice. These two authors successfully capture the controversy. Machado and Moyer use similar sources and appeals to value, but deal differently with opposition and appeals to logic. When creating this argument, satire is a more effective rhetorical strategy than straightforward rhetoric because it has the power to exaggerate the situation and produce richer appeals to value and logic. The first similarity between Machado and Moyer is they use the same major textual source. When social media personality and evangelist Joshua Feuerstein created his rant against the red cups, he began an outrage in the conservative community. Both authors illustrated the conservative side of…

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