Sanitarium Health And Well Being Nz Essay

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Company Background
Sanitarium is a joint venture of two sister concerns. New Zealand Health Association Ltd and Australian Health and Nutrition Association Ltd , both owned by seventh Adventist Church. It has approximately over 1700 employees. The New Zealand branch of Sanitarium, better known as Sanitarium Health and Well-being NZ in spite of being a registered company it operates as a tax free entity because of Seventh day Adventist religious obligations. Unlike usual business entities, they don’t have traditional shareholders.Pierre van Heerden, who has more than twenty years of international experience in the food the current Executive General Manager - New Zealand – Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing.Sanitarium was established in New Zealand 117 years ago and its roots in New Zealand goes back to the nineteenth century, when Edward Halsey an Adventist baker from Battle Creek, Michigan started making whole meal bread and breakfast cereals in Papanui, Christchurch.

Corporate Objective:
Sanitarium strives to make sustainable contribution to community health and well being by providing healthy food. Sanitarium believes in the concept of protecting earth and its resources through effective resource management programs

Environmental Analysis:

Internal Environment
Sanitarium is a leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals, soy beverages, plant based meat alternatives and yeast spreads.
Sanitarium offers a variety of…

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