Samuel Clemens: A Brief Biography

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Samuel L. Clemens is an amazing writer, but he did not only write he taught and flied steamboats. Samuel inspired people all over the world to pick up a pencil and paper and express your feelings. In joy life while you can because there is death all around people. He has been through deep, bad times and every time he is there he rose up again.Samuel L. Clemens Was Born November 30, 1835, In Florida, Missouri (Gribben). He was two months premature with poor health and had to take medicine (Qurik). He was the sixth child of John Marshall Clemens and Jane Lampton. John and Jane were from Virginia ("Mark Twain Biography Hannibal"). Samuel father, John, was a Virginia lawyer and later became a judge (Dendinger). Sam father had bought 70,000 acres …show more content…
The silver mining hit big in the 1860 's. Samuel went searching for silver and gold to get rich, but he never found any silver or gold. In the same year his older brother, Orion was appointed as secretary of Nevada by president Abraham Lincoln, and Orion asked Sam to be his secretary ("Mark Twain Biography”Hannibal). During this time the civil war was taking place. Samuel did not want to take any part of the civil war (Gribben). Samuel join a volunteer militia group while the civil war was at it is peak called Marion Ranger. In 1862 Samuel went back to the newspaper job and became a reporter. He was getting paid twenty-five dollars a week while being a reporter ("Mark Twain Biography”Hannibal). On February 3, 1863 Samuel L. Clemens, for the first time published an article using his pen name Mark Twain. He have used other pen name Before, but he ended up disliking them. Mark Twain became permanent. On November 18, 1865 Mark Twain went to a Hawaiian island named Sacramento Union (Gribben). That year Twain started writing stories and his first story was "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County". The story was a story that he heard when he was in the mines looking for silver and gold. Cavemen spoke lots of stories and this was one of them ("Mark Twain Biography”Notable). While he was trying out being an author he meet Artemus Ward and Bret Harte. They are US writers and gave some great tips about writing and what to do in some situations. Mark Twain celebrated because "Jumping Frog of Calaveras” becomes known all around the country ("Mark Twain Biography”Hannibal). In 1867 Twain went to Europe and the Holy Land and seen amazing sites

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