Essay on Sales Director Justification Report

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Sales Director Justification Report
Martina Sedita
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
Dr. Rachel De Luise
May, 30, 2015

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Problem Statement 3
Overview of Alternatives 3
Criteria 4
Methods 4
Evaluation of Alternatives 5
Findings and Analysis 6
Recommendation 7
References 8

Executive Summary

This report reviews the overall practicality of a managerial used tracking system and its ability to create a more efficient sales department. Internet and programmer based evaluations along with employee knowledge base of programs should provide a good data sets for both reviewed programs.

The report finds that Microsoft Excel offers the employees easier input options that perform similar
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This referencing system can be used in order to create the documentation needed to track dates and dollar amounts, thus enabling ABC Company the ability to complete the necessary items. In turn this allows ABC Company to stay competitive within the market.

Alternative B- Microsoft Access
While existing sales databases can be exported into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets; these spreadsheets can be used to create another database with the Microsoft suite called Microsoft Access ( Microsoft Access is a database building program that can be used in a variety of different ways. This allows the user to query different types of datasets in order to complete tasks, permitting increased functionality of the information entered into the Microsoft Access database (


The Sales Director would require that this be cost effective and easy to use, taking into account that the each sales manager will utilize it differently for their respective departmental needs.

1. Cost-What is the operational cost of construction? The sales director needs to perform this task at minimal operational cost to ABC Company. In order to be cost effective, the creation of this would have to be an additional duty to an existing employee.

2. Effectiveness-At what level of effectiveness does this dataset need to run at to make use of the

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