Sales and Ethics Essay

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Date: December 2, 2014
RE: Ethics and Sales Assignment

This memo concerns my ethics and sales assignment for ABM 222. In this memo I will discuss the importance of ethics in a sales role. I will also discuss when stretching the truth is acceptable or not and the different ways I would react to unethical practices.

• I believe that ethics can exist in a commission only bases sales position. Not only does business ethics exist in a commission based sales position, I think it is very important. The way a sales representative makes money is a commission-based position is through their sales. Without the customers purchasing from them, they have no income. Ethics is very important in this position because
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Sometimes there can be a gray area as to what is ethical and what is not. It is hard to handle each situation case by case without strict guidelines because there can be this gray area where a rule is followed one time and then not followed the next. A company should have a solid outline of what their ethical business practices are. If I were unable to solve the problem by approaching whomever the offer came from I would refer back to my employee handbook/manual. If the rules stated that the offer I received was going to violate my company’s ethical business practices I would not accept the offer. Not only would I be violating my personal values I would also be breaking my companies rules. If the offer were to come from a supervisor I would handle it the same way. I would just make sure that if I were to decline the offer I was honest as to why I was and be respectful to my supervisor.

• This situation is all up to the employee and what they feel is right and wrong. It also depends on the company’s policies on ethical and unethical decisions. There are a few things that I would think about in this situation. One is what my consequences or benefits would be in the long run. If I were to practice unethical behaviors that would benefit my position or pocketbook I would want to think about the long-term consequences that I could face. If the situation turned out to be serious and included legal parties, I could potentially lose my job, my

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