Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Salem Witch Trials

            The Salem Witch Trials occurred between February 1692 and May 1693. These trials were a series of hearings and prosecution of people who were accused of witchcraft in the colonial Massachusetts. The preliminary hearings were also conducted in a variety of towns across the province, but the most serious one was conducted by the court of Terminer and Oyer in Salem Town (The DBQ Project, 2002). The Salem Witch Trials were sparked by hysteria mixed with family rivalries. The trial led to the execution of 19 defendants who were accused of witch craft and the 20th defendant by the name Giles Corey was pressed to death because of refusing to plead guilty.
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                  The Salem witch trials speak so much about the beliefs and the societal setting then. The case of Salem village clearly illustrates the remarkable persistence among the early Englanders on their beliefs on witchcraft, demonical possession, magic, spectral apparitions, demonical possession, portents and prophetic dreams (National Humanities Center, 2014) . What was even amazing was that it was not only the wealthy and learned who credited such phenomenon easily as the humbler folk but the fact that such conviction coexisted effortlessly with their devotion to Puritanism.
                                                       End of the trial
           Inhabitants in Salem town started feeling that the trials were getting out of hand and the killing of innocent lives had intensified. On October 12th the year 1692 the Governor issued to protect the prisoners from harm and also suspended the arrest of the people accused of witchcraft. After some time it was discovered that the hysteria was not even caused by witchcraft. It was later discovered by the diagnosis that many of the adult fits experienced by the accusers were acts and that they were conjuring the accused. The final blow came when some of the ministers also helped stop the trials and the religious people became tired of killing. Three papers were signed to stop the

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