Essay Salem Witch Trials Of Salem

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The events in history do not simply appear in their confined time period and disappear again. Instead, their causes and consequences are dispersed, reflected, and reiterated through new events of different conditions. The atmosphere filled with the pressure to conform and the mass hysteria following an act of dissent in a seventeenth century theocracy based community resurfaced again in the twentieth century. The only distinction found between these events was not the emotions felt, but the environment in which they happened.

The events that happened in Salem in 1692 and 1693 were a unique amalgamation of conditions and activities. By European standards, the witch hunt in Salem was not large, nor was it particularly lethal. The witch hunts in the German Electorate of Cologne, which began in 1626, resulted in approximately two thousand people executed. About 800 people were killed in witch trials in Hungary between 1710 and 1750 (Baker 24). In addition, witch hunts were common in colonial America and innocent women were killed because people were suspicious of them. Clearly, the ideas of witchcraft and persecution were not new, but by some distinctive factors, the events in Salem were the most memorable and fatal witchcraft incident in American history.

Seventeenth century New England communities were centered on the Puritan ideal of order, family, conformity and obedience of a higher authority, namely God. There was a strong belief in the supernatural, magical, and the…

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